• 14-02-2018

MARIST ENGLISH SYMPOSIUM 2018 Implementation of Pedagogical Practices in the Colombian Marist English Program 2018 is the year that marks a pivotal moment for the Marist Community’s efforts to foster ELT practices that strengthen our students’ chances to succeed in this world that more than ever demands critical thinkers with competency in a global language such as English is, and in the use of digital resources for self-assessment.

It is our belief that by adopting new top-of-the-line teaching resources, like the Super Minds and Think textbook series, the Cambridge Learning Management System, supported on teaching strategies that distance us from traditional classes while developing Critical thinking skills, our students will experience Better Learning as is the motto of our educational partner Cambridge University Press.

Having these dreams as our engine, we decided to focus this year’s symposium on the practical aspects of our teaching does. Profiting from the Cambridge academic consultants’ experience, the hands-on and show-and-tell sessions imprinted on our teachers with class tools and strategies which can easily be translated into the classrooms of all our public, concession and private schools.

We are glad to say that The Marist English Symposium will affect positively more Colombian student population than ever, since for the first time in its history, the invitation was answered by teachers from our 13 schools, including our two public institutions in Manizales and Armenia, also, the four concession schools in Bogotá, Popayán and Villavicencio, plus, the seven private establishments in Armenia, Bogotá, Cali, Ibagué, Ipiales, Pasto and Popayán. Our teachers arrived in Cali on February 4th. They unpacked their luggage after long trips, joyfully met long-time-no-see friends, welcomed new faces, and shared their anticipation for the coming days.

The event started the next day with a brief greeting by the organizers leading to all the rigorous and challenging sessions addressing topics like pedagogical sequences based on Task-Based Language Teaching, Class Planning, Learning Intentions, Objectives and Outcomes, Inductive Grammar Teaching, among other, which extended from Monday 5th to Wednesday 7th.

It was awesome to receive the visit of Brother Rogelio Jiménez, who charismatically invited us to give our best in our labors, allowing ourselves to be permeated by Marcelino’s ideal that to teach children, we must love them first.

Apart from the academical settings for sharing among peers, there was also time at night to go sightseeing in Cali the Salsa World Capital. Among the places we visited are: Jairo Varela’s monument, the Cat Statues Park, Cali’s Zoo and the Cholao’s spot.

By February 7th, when all sessions were over, our English teachers packed their belongings and some running, some more calmly left to their origin cities full of enthusiasm to share with their peers and apply what they had learnt in their classes.